Sunrises in any part of the world are obviously gorgeous sights. I took a couple pictures at different times from contrasting perspectives.

As I don’t have much to say about these pictures, I will give you information about sunrises from Wikipedia – “Sunrise is the instant at which the upper edge of the Sun appears above the horizon in the east. Sunrise should not be confused with dawn, which is the (variously defined) point at which the sky begins to lighten, some time before the sun itself appears, ending twilight. Because atmospheric refraction causes the sun to be seen while it is still below the horizon, both sunrise and sunset are, from one point of view, optical illusions. The sun also appears larger on the horizon, but this is another optical illusion, similar to the moon illusion.”

Absolutely, remarkable some of the pictures that people have taken at sunsets and hopefully in the future we will have even better ones to post.

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