Welcome to the Maine links, the easy stereotype for Maine is that we are all “red-neck farmers” (not that there is anything wrong with farmers), but its not true! Thus we will call this section containing links to great Maine related blogs and websites the “Maine link farm”. Obviously, we’d like to think that “Mainescenery.com” is your number one resource for all things Maine. Unfortunately, it surely is not, and most people are just coming to get some pictures, which we encourage to almost ridiculous lengths. Ok, its our greatest form of promotion, I guess, we could hire a marketing consultant, but we don’t have any money in our budget for that acquisition. Actually, we don’t even have a budget!  Well, enough of the ranting, lets get to some more Maine goodness.

Maine PR Maven

As someone who is completely naive to the true power of SEO (Search Engine Optimization), I am not above getting advice on how to better market my sites to search engines.  Why not get some advice on SEO from one of Maine’s own?

Its A Maine Thing

Not only a catchy name, but a great resource for people who want to keep up with Maine happenings. The website covers everything from technology to weather. I think, you will find this site worthy of your rss reader. I also appreciate the humor and intelligent discourse that is offered throughout Hezzy’s blog. I do not know her personally, but as with all blogs, if you read them long enough you get to know the person. So, if you’re not accustomed with the Maine lifestyle, I suggest you become acquainted through this excellent blog.

Maine Living

One of the best writers and story-tellers that I have came across online. Paulla has gained a major following with her articulate descriptions of the Maine lifestyle. She has been consistent with brand new content on this blog for a couple years now. Her pictures are absolutely beautiful and are very important to her blog as they help provide more context to her stories. She has an interesting family that she is willing to delve into on a very personal level. You will immediately connect with her, pain, sorrow, happiness, and every emotion you can possibly name. I promise, if you don’t like what she does on this blog, you are even not literate or have no interest in reading at all. That might be a little harsh, but take a peak for yourself and you’ll understand my sentiment.


A great resource for news about Maine. You can find out all the latest goings on in “the forest state”.

The Photographer Directory

Want to travel outside of Maine? You can use this reference to find different websites that have pictures of other destinations that are not in Maine.


Travel throughout the world through this exclusive directory. “Mainescenery.com” is also listed, we have to recommend them for that!

Submit travel websites – Free!

Why not submit your travel website to this fine directory. “Mainescenery.com” is a part of this directory as well and we find it spectacular.

Total Blog Directory

An interesting directory with a wide selection of travel sites that are all blogs.


A significant list of some of the best photoblogs on the internet. I am especially intrigued by this one, broken down into smart categories, and simple to use.

USA Photo Forum, Blog, Magazine & News Directory

Great website to enjoy photographs.