Its rare to see a Coyote in Maine and be able to get a picture of it. Coyotes are known to kill deer and other animals like it.

Maine is known for its wide variety of animals including deer, moose, fox, and coyotes. We have attempted to post all kinds of pictures of them on the site.

These pictures were taken at a sludge dump, I tried to post the best looking ones. Of course, attempting to avoid all of the garbage because that isn’t very attractive.

Like I said previously, its very difficult to get pictures of coyotes besides on train tracks and dumps. They are extremely fast animals.

Coyotes are a cousin of the great gray wolf. They are not known to attack humans and when they do, usually not causing serious damage because of them being rather small animals (think a large dog).

August 20th, 2010 – I’ve been informed by multiple people in the comment section (which will give you a much more thorough conclusion of what kind of animal the coyote is) that their have been recent stories of more coyotes attacking people and pets. I can’t verify or confirm that the statistics are up, but I do share the sentiment that when dealing with wildlife of any form use extreme caution.

It is always best to have a game warden or other animal enforcement deal with an issue pertaining to a wild animal being present near your home.

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