A new trail has been designed to allow hikers to travel into the infamous “Ice Caves”, very easily. The Caves are not big on the inside, and I wouldn’t recommend anyone travel from a far distance to witness the caves, but if you’re in the area (which is located near Abol Bridge), then they are worth seeing.

The trail is a barely a mile long, a fast hiker would able to reach the caves in less than a half an hour. Its not a difficult trail to walk at all, the inclinations are modest at best, though going into the actual cave is a bit more tricky because of the slippery ice that you’re using as steps.

Though you will surely be stunned by the fact that the caves have ice even in the hottest temperatures of the summer, the smallness of the caves leaves very little to explore or see, and for those of us that are claustrophobic, you’ll be satisfied with a 10 minute stay.

Not to disappoint anyone, there is still a lot to see on this hiking trail. When you arrive at the caves, you’re greeted with a couple other options of places to visit in close proximity, including an absolutely beautiful view of near by lakes from a hill top as well as a gradual walk down to a gorgeous lake that gives you a grandiose view of what Maine is about.

Overall, not a bad way to spend a couple hours, sorry for some of the quality of the pictures. Then again, this site isn’t about our outstanding photographic ability, its about what there is to see in Maine. We encourage you to get active by going out and exploring Maine.

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