Baxter State Park is a glorious park in Maine that features some of Maine’s best qualities including waterfalls, wildlife, rivers, and lakes. With a handful of activities to enjoy such as fishing, canoeing, swimming, kayaking and hiking the well maintained trails.

The park offers a one of a kind experience that few places can and most importantly its relatively inexpensive. With numerous places to rent kayaks and canoes, you will always have an opportunity to go on the water. Almost any location in the park has a trail to hike or someplace to swim.

Reservations are something else to consider before entering the monumentally large national park because of the popularity during peak summer weeks. There is really only two ways to sleep at the park, lean-to or tent, with that in mind, pack accordingly.

Baxter State Park is also home of the largest peak in Maine, Mt.Katahdin. The daunting mountains peak is exactly one mile. Mt. Katahdin is the northern terminal of the world famous Appalachian Trail.

Preservation has been a key to to the success of BSP. Because of this model; strict regulations are enforced including the prohibition of alcohol and music.

For the parks part, the idea of “Forever Wild” is taken literally. Electricity is a non existent entity, running water only comes from the streams, roads are not paved, and the bare minimum is constructed or destroyed to accommodate rangers and tourists . It should be noted that the dirt roads are in exceptional condition with cars being a popular means of transportation in the park.

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