Togue Pond Maine

Togue Pond is one of the numerous bodies of water in Maine, what makes this one special is its close proximity to the southern entrance of Baxter State Park.

Of course, Baxter State park is probably the most well known park located in Maine, in close competition with Acadia National Park.

The pond offers a multitude of adventures to be had including fishing, camp fires, and swimming, while also giving you a brilliant look at Mt. Katahdin.

The fishing regulations are conservative for this pond, as they are hoping to preserve the sport for many years to come. I am not an avid fisher, but I’ve been informed that the pond does contain trout and salmon.

So, if you’re ever heading towards Baxter State Park, and happen to notice a relatively large pond, that is Togue Pond.

Lupin Flowers in Maine

I was browsing through the insurmountable collection of photographs that we have gathered over the past few years. I wanted to give everybody a warm fuzzy feeling in the middle of this freezing winter.

I’m not that good with naming flowers, I had to get some help in order to put up the proper name, but these are lupin flowers.

Lupin also spelled Lupine are members of the Lupinus family that has between 200-600 different species of flowers. They are most popular in North America and South America.

An interesting fact is that they take in nitrogen from the atmosphere and turn it into ammonia, which they use to fertilize the soil for different plants.

The flowers come in a wide variety of colors including red, pink, white, and purple.

14 Inches of Snow

We received around 14 inches of snow in northern Maine on December 22nd, 2008. The early Christmas present dropped from the sky all night and left its mark.

I caught a few pictures from outback of my house that frosty morning. You can see the snow caking the trees and the deck.

As tedious as shoveling for most of that day was all of the beauty might make it all worth it. Especially, as Christmas approaches in just a few mere days or at the time of writing this post “Tomorrow!”.

I hope that everyone has a Merry Christmas and a happy holidays. Hopefully, [], will able to get more stormy pictures for you in the near future. According to the weather, if you believe the mythology, we are going to be getting a lot more in the coming days.

Sunrises in Maine

Sunrises in any part of the world are obviously gorgeous sights. I took a couple pictures at different times from contrasting perspectives.

As I don’t have much to say about these pictures, I will give you information about sunrises from Wikipedia – “Sunrise is the instant at which the upper edge of the Sun appears above the horizon in the east. Sunrise should not be confused with dawn, which is the (variously defined) point at which the sky begins to lighten, some time before the sun itself appears, ending twilight. Because atmospheric refraction causes the sun to be seen while it is still below the horizon, both sunrise and sunset are, from one point of view, optical illusions. The sun also appears larger on the horizon, but this is another optical illusion, similar to the moon illusion.”

Absolutely, remarkable some of the pictures that people have taken at sunsets and hopefully in the future we will have even better ones to post.

Coyotes in Maine

Its rare to see a Coyote in Maine and be able to get a picture of it. Coyotes are known to kill deer and other animals like it.

Maine is known for its wide variety of animals including deer, moose, fox, and coyotes. We have attempted to post all kinds of pictures of them on the site.

These pictures were taken at a sludge dump, I tried to post the best looking ones. Of course, attempting to avoid all of the garbage because that isn’t very attractive.

Like I said previously, its very difficult to get pictures of coyotes besides on train tracks and dumps. They are extremely fast animals.

Coyotes are a cousin of the great gray wolf. They are not known to attack humans and when they do, usually not causing serious damage because of them being rather small animals (think a large dog).

August 20th, 2010 – I’ve been informed by multiple people in the comment section (which will give you a much more thorough conclusion of what kind of animal the coyote is) that their have been recent stories of more coyotes attacking people and pets. I can’t verify or confirm that the statistics are up, but I do share the sentiment that when dealing with wildlife of any form use extreme caution.

It is always best to have a game warden or other animal enforcement deal with an issue pertaining to a wild animal being present near your home.

Abol Bridge

A great picture of Mt. Katahdin can be taken from Abol Bridge, which happens to be a popular spot for deer during the spring.

We took a couple shots of the clouds as they hung over Mt. Katahdin on a gorgeous fall day.  You can also camp below this bridge in a nice camping destination as well as fly fish in the same spot.

The bridge is located about thirty miles outside of Millinocket.

The Golden Road is the name of the road that the bridge is on, which is also a popular road to hunt on.

Enjoy the pictures and the rest of your day.

Abol Pond

Abol Pond is located in Baxter State Park. The famous park is over 200,000 acres and was established in 1931.

The park was a gift to Maine from Gov. Percival P. Baxter. The park is heavily regulated, for instance alcohol is prohibited.

“The works of man are short-lived. Monuments decay, buildings crumble and wealth vanishes, but Katahdin in its massive grandeur will forever remain the mountain of the people of Maine. Throughout the ages it will stand as an inspiration to the men and women of the state.” – -Percival P. Baxter

Of course, I didn’t know all these facts about Baxter State Park, but a bit of research goes a long way.

Abol Pond is just one of the many ponds that are located in the park and as you can tell from the picture is pretty small.

Rabbits in Maine

Rabbits are abundant in Maine, most likely to be seen running across the road, or scampering into the woods.

The small creatures diet consists of grass, forbs, and leafy weed. They spend much of their time grazing the grass.

As a pet their diet consists of mainly hay or fresh vegetables. They typically have a small cage or indoor pen to live in.

Rabbits can form relationships with various mammals including cats, dogs, guinea pigs, rabbits, and people.

The “Bunnies” can also be trained to use a litter box. They are also pretty cheap to buy and in general can make a great pet.