Bucksport, Maine might best be known outside of the state as the place where witches and ghosts gather! As seen on recent episodes of Ghost Hunters where the eccentric cast and crew of that show intrudes Fort Knox in hopes of finding something inhuman.

I’ll spare you from the results of that reality show and share with you the kind of adventure that you should expect when you visit this state park.

After a weekend vacation to Bar Harbor; mere weeks after the United States president visited the ocean surrounded town. The family headed to Bucksport, Maine to behold the gripping images of the Penobscot Narrows Bridge along with the historical view inside Maine’s Fort Knox.

The latter was a pretty good educational experience, albeit mostly a physical workout as you navigate through all the tunnels and down all the steps to soak in the craftsmanship of the past centuries in this preserved fort.

Things to consider before going inside Fort Knox is the darkness within the fort (bring a flashlight) and the slippery areas that some may have trouble with. Though all ages were present with different tools used such as walking sticks and canes to move through the sunless quarters.

Something else to keep in mind, in some ways its a gigantic playground for kids with an assortment of ledges, caves, and stairs to climb, run, and jump on.

As for the amount of money that you will need. Surely under one hundred dollars will cover all the bases, probably a lot less, depending on the size of your party and if you plan to eat at one of the omnipresent picnic areas.

The bridge is absolutely astonishing, wheel chair accessible, and a great alternative to a roller coaster if you want to have an adrenaline rush. After a quick ride up the fastest elevator in Maine — which isn’t as scary as it sounds — you will open the door and have a once in a lifetime view. I should mention that if you have seen Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory the idea of flying into the air will appear in your head briefly.

As you enter the glass enclosed room that is no bigger than the average kitchen accompanied by a small group of fellow tourists – you will be stunned at a one of a kind perspective of Maine’s seacoast, mountains, and nearby towns from the 420 feet outlook. Very informative guides, posters, and signs will tell you everything that you want to know about the construction of the observatory. Even telling you what kind of cables brought you up to the peak.

The pictures that I have taken surely are not the best ones that you will find on the internet. As usual I recommend that you link to your pictures of your trip, but highly encourage everyone to check this place out. Feel free to leave stories of your trip in the comment section if time permits.

More information including directions are available at this safe link.

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