Picnic Area

A picnic area outside of Medway, Maine with a walk way down to the river. A dam is located a couple hundred feet from this area and was open.

As you can tell by the water being so high in the multiple pictures that I have uploaded. These pictures are a couple years old now.

I thought, I’d get them on the site though, the folder was kind of lonely and didn’t get much viewing or attention.

A couple pictures of the woods, rocks, the dam, the steps, and the actual river. Keep checking “Mainescenery.com” for more pictures in the near future.

Deer in Maine

A deer standing on grass looking at the camera

Deer are fascinating creatures to watch. Most of the time, they will not get scared by people as long as you leave them alone or are not driving a vehicle 60 miles per-hour towards them.

You will thoroughly enjoy watching the deer feed and play with eachother or signal eachother to follow them by jumping on eachothers backs.

Its amazing all the forms of communication these particular animals use. Of course, they are also hunted rapidly around this time of the year, so a sighting is less likely now when you’re looking for them.

Next spring, Maineshome.com, will have a whole slew of new pictures of deer.